Over the years I have developed a distinctive illustrative / Design style that combines my passion for street culture with my favourite toys and cartoons I grew up with.

Working as a freelance stop motion Animator, Director and Designer for Aardman Animations for over 12 years, as well as owning my own shop and clothing label In London (Bionyc Industries*) have taught me a wide range of disciplines which has allowed me to work in all manner of mediums.

I was fortunate enough to hit Bristol at the time of the Urban Art explosion and had success alongside other very ruputable Bristol Street Artists, sharing a studio with five of them and holding art exhibitions all over the Uk. Collectively these experiences and skills have been applied to a variety of commissions from reputable clients for branding, commercials and series development.

E.g: Revlon, Disney, BBC, Unilever, MTV, Adidas, Dyson, Rimmel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, CBBC and a host of other agencies in the UK and USA.

I was production designer on a series for Cartoon Network called Chop Socky Chooks which has been successful in the UK, Europe and USA.

It was nominated for a BAFTA and won the Gemini award for best CGI animated series.

Shortly after completion, I was asked to develop my own animated show 100Head Eddie in the European Cartoon Network HQ for Turner Entertainment and am currently developing another show and funding a teaser trailer.On Characters in Advertising:

I have always believed that "words and slogans are powerful in advertising, but characters have the ability to reach out and connect with the viewer on an emotional level.

If they like the design of a character they start a subconscious relationship with it. Whenever they see it pop up, they are drawn to it and take notice. The beauty of a character in advertising is that you can grow it's personality creatively and organically with the client and watch it's development as the campaign grows from strength to strength. 

It's all about the laws of attraction, and my aim is to put a 'face' to brands to boost their identity and add personality." 

On Animated Series:

For me a great show is a mix of a very well crafted script, incredibly tight comedy timing, eye popping edible visuals, cleverly choreographed action and characters with truly believable emotions. All this, neatly wrapped up in a high concept to make it stand out from any other show. This in turn, brands the show with it's own unique signature!"